Recruitment takes place early in the fall and spring semesters. We recommend that you stay up to date about our campus tabling hours, information sessions, and rush events by following our Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter!

Membership Requirements

  • Be a registered as a full time student: 12+ credit hours
  • Maintain at least at 2.25 GPA
  • Be available for our Thursday night mandatory meetings
  • Be in “good standing” with The University of Texas
  • Pay the required semesterly dues
  • Complete application and submit to our Chief Membership Officer, Sarah Kurtz.
  • If you have questions, comments, or concerns about rush or our application process, please contact our Chief Membership Officer, via email.

So long as COVID-19 and its variants persist, we will have a recruitment season that is as safe and fun as possible while maintaining health and safety regulations. Online events will be held to minimize contact. All in-person events will be held outside with face masks on and social distancing enforced.


How many hours of community service will I need to complete per semester? 

Each potential new member (P.N.M.) is expected to complete 30 hours of community service per semester, which is to extend into the remainder of her active membership. Many of our members often go above and beyond this requirement.

How many girls does Chi Beta Delta accept per semester?

There is no determined number, but around 20 P.N.M.s are accepted at most per semester. This is subject to change, as we are most interested in quality over quantity.

What type of community service events is Chi Beta Delta involved in? 

As a service sorority, we participate in different events that range from on-campus events to Austin community events. If you live in West Campus, you may have noticed our Keep Austin Beautiful street sign near Qdoba Mexican Grill. We are passionate about keeping our beautiful campus clean and perform monthly cleanups. Some of our favorite service events are Texas THON, a Dance Marathon movement that takes place at over 300 universities and high schools across the nation, and KAGLife, a Breathe 5K Color Run that supports The Kristie Ann Gonzalez Lung Awareness Foundation in finding a cure for Adenovirus, a deadly virus that attacks small children to adults.

What else is there to Chi Beta Delta, other than community service?

As a sorority, our bonds of sisterhood only strengthen in time and we find that our favorite moments are spent together. Throughout the year we tailgate at football games, attend socials with fraternities on campus, and arrange social events within our sisterhood.

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