Welcome to the Chi Beta Delta Blog!

Fall Bid Day 2014

Welcome to the Chi Beta Delta Sisterhood Blog where active members discuss their experiences in our sorority! I am Meredith Englehart, acting Chief Information Officer for the 2014-2015 academic year!

I joined Chi Beta Delta in the fall of my sophomore year, and after going through the rush process and the subsequent three semesters as an active I can say wholeheartedly that I wish I had joined Chi Beta earlier. Chi Beta is not only a group of girls that help the Austin community through service events, but we’re also some of the most genuine girls you will ever meet. Whether we’re celebrating each other successes or rallying around our sisters at times of distress, Chi Beta is a sisterhood of love and support.

We just finished our fall recruitment and we now have a new group of girls to initiate into our sisterhood! I cannot wait to prove to them that Chi Beta Delta is the best decision they will make in their undergraduate career! Looking forward to a great year filled with sisterhood and service!

XBD love,

Meredith Englehart, Omicron Class

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