Growing the Nest

1e10bd_f26678a145674b9ea963b1a56734d350.jpg_srb_p_630_277_75_22_0.50_1.20_0My favorite part of being in Chi Beta is the diversity of everyone who is in it. We represent a broad spectrum of majors and all walks of life. I’m thankful to have met as many of the fabulous girls that I have. This past week a panel of alumnae  visited us during chapter meeting and I was reminded of how different we are from other sororities. It was really lovely to hear about the successes of so many sisters post-grad, and to learn from their experiences. This semester has been my hardest by far, but I’m lucky to have such an amazing support system through Chi Beta Delta. 

Recently, my family grew! With big/little on October 9th enormous family, and I became a great-great-grand-Big. I feel so old!

XBD love,

Omicron Class

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