Uptown Girl

11828761_10204501990842964_8837452485747510212_nBy: Haley Squiers

In the past few years, I’ve really strived to live by this quote from Ronald Reagan: “If not us, than who? If not now, then when?”. The man wasn’t my favorite president, but those words just really seem to affect me. I’m not the most active, ambitious person out there, but that quote makes me want to at least do my very best in everything that I do.

I guess I really put ‘my very best’ to the test this summer. Due to a very fortuitous connection, a year of keeping my grades up, and probably some help from God, I was faced with the amazing opportunity of interning with Good Morning America in New York City, under Robin Roberts herself! Being a Journalism major with a concentration in Broadcast, this internship was more than just an excuse to live in one of the most influential, trendy, and spectacular cities in the world; it was the foot in the door I had been hoping for since day one! This internship had all the potential to really boost my career in the right direction.

11535890_10204283336776749_4354031848105656008_nOf course, I accepted the job almost before the recruiter on the phone even finished talking. I was so pumped to be on my way, to go and meet celebrities and some really influential people. But, the closer I got to my last day in Lufkin, TX (pop. 30,000), the more I realized how absolutely terrified I was about the prospect of living for 3 months in a city of more than 8 million people, all by myself, with pretty much zero familiar faces. I was really putting my emotional stability to the test by getting off that plane and taking my first step into the city of opportunity. I could tell that this was going to be one of the biggest adventures that my life had to offer, and, no matter how scared I was, I wasn’t going to let my fear get the best of me.

The fear didn’t fade immediately, but it definitely lost a lot of my attention. There was so much to learn and experience! I feel so much more knowledgeable about my major, having worked with bookers, producers, and anchor assistants. I feel more acutely aware of the people around me, having seen and interacted with so many different types. And, probably most importantly, I feel so much more confidence in myself. So, don’t ever think you can’t do something, whether it be because you’ll be alone, you’ll be taking a risk, or because you’ll be afraid. I promise you’ll surprise yourself with how much you’ll accomplish.

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