Meet the Exec: Hannah (CMO)


Name: Hannah Davitt (Chief Membership Officer)

Pledge Class: Alpha Beta – Fall 2017

Class & Major: Sophomore in International Relations and Global Studies

Hometown: Kingwood, Texas

Fun fact about me: I speak fluent French!

3 things I wish I knew as a PNM:

I just rushed two semesters ago, so this is still pretty fresh on my mind!

  1. Go to as many rush events as fun, because they’re lots of fun! I’m in charge of them so you can trust me. 😉
  2. I was really intimidated at first, especially interview night, but it is absolutely nothing to be stressed about!
  3. Lastly, be as authentically yourself as you can from the beginning. It takes me awhile to break out of my shell and for me, I think that wasted precious time I could have had getting to know my sisters and them getting to know the real me!

Weirdest tradition my family has: Every year, we host a big tournament for all our family and friends (we’re pretty competitive, so it gets pretty intense haha) and the winners get a trophy and their name engraved on a plaque. It’s called Lobsterfest, because at the end of the day we eat lobster!

Weird food combinations I enjoy: Okay so this is VERY weird, but my dad used to make them for me when I was really young, but I love pickle and mustard sandwiches!

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