Meet the Exec: Hana (CSO)


Name: Hana Shin (Chief Service Officer)

Pledge Class: Psi – Fall 2016

Class & Major: Senior, Biology (Cell & Molecular)

Hometown: Irving, TX

PNM Advice: Don’t be afraid to show your quirky or looser side of yourself! It will definitely help actives remember who you are.

Capture(Don’t be like normal Spongebob, be regular Spongebob!)

ALSO, the rush process (and Chi Beta in general) is what you make of it, so if you don’t put in the effort to get to know people or try to have a positive experience then chances are you probably won’t. Ask questions from the most basic (where are you from?) to some of the more interesting ones (do you have an apocalypse doomsday plan?) and see what happens!

Favorite TV Shows: Parks & Rec because it’s one of those classic shows where you can rewatch it so many times and the jokes never get old. You can pick any random episode to watch again and you know it’ll be good.
Spongebob Squarepants because of the quality meme potential (see above).
Game of Thrones because I love the fantasy genre (who doesn’t love dragons!!) and I really enjoyed all the adventures, politics, characters’ ships, and plot twists this show had to offer. It really is an epic show. 10/10 would recommend!

If I could describe the ladies of Chi Beta in one word: Genuine. Everyone in Chi Beta Delta is genuine in the sense that each member is original and authentically themselves. We are all women trying to make it through university without kneeling over from stress all the while figuring out our lives (and going through one or two existential crises). But the way we go through that journey is unique to each individual and shapes us to be the people we are today. Each member has her strengths and weaknesses, passions and hobbies, and ideas of how she wants to give back to the community.


What would you do if you were invisible for a day? This is probably a little creepy but I would pick my favorite TA or professor and follow them around for a day just to see what it’s like to be them and to see what normal mundane things they do or maybe the opposite! I would love to see any unique mannerisms or quirks. Call me Janis because:

giphy (2).gif

Weird food combination I enjoy: My mom used to make me this snack growing up that’s a little strange. It was a Ritz cracker, a thin layer of grape jelly, and a small piece of ham on top. Call it ingenuity or a tired mom throwing together whatever she could find, but the sweet, salty, and savory mixture was very satisfying and I could never eat just one! I haven’t had it in awhile but maybe I should…


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