Farewell From the 2014-2015 CEO

1e10bd_4739b4cf0d9d402ab9a9fdc9a811182d.jpg_srb_p_630_600_75_22_0.50_1.20_0I arrived in Austin nearly four years ago as a wide-eyed freshman who didn’t know anyone. I missed summer orientation and Camp Texas, which meant I missed out on making friends. My first week at UT was extremely lonely, and it seemed everyone had already found their place. I don’t like telling people this, but I actually considered transferring to a different college then. Everything changed when I walked through West Mall and saw a table with a sign that said “Rush Pink.” The Chi Beta girls were super friendly and invited me to rush events later that week. The rest is history. 

Little did I know, these women would eventually become my sisters, my family, and my second home. They were in nearly all of my favorite college memories- fun nights exploring Austin, holidays when I couldn’t go home to see family, shameless eating, early mornings spent volunteering, all nighters at PCL (the awful place UT calls a library), movie nights, shopping days, spring break in Padre and Vegas, races, intramural sports, formals, boat parties, and a hundred other things that I won’t go on to list.

There were fifteen actives when I rushed in the fall of 2011. My pledge class nearly doubled the size. Flash-forward to spring 2015, and we’re at over sixty active members. I’ve loved watching this sorority grow over the years and am so happy to know that the important things didn’t change: We are all weird in our own ways, and we embrace it and love each other for it. 

I’m forever grateful for all the experiences I had serving as Chief Executive Officer this past year. It was a wonderful opportunity to give back to something that had given me so much during my undergrad years. These girls made me strive to be a better person and leader everyday. My Executive Board went above and beyond their duties this past year, and each one of them brought positive changes to our sisterhood. I can’t thank them enough. It’s truly incredible to be part of an organization that values volunteering and helping others above all things. I always have a huge smile and sense of pride when people ask me, “What’s a service sorority?” 

I was once a shy and wide-eyed freshman, but now I’m graduating as a strong, confident, and outspoken woman. I owe that Chi Beta Delta. Though I’m leaving, I’m only saying goodbye to my time as an active member in this sorority. I’m forever a proud alumna. Where the world may take me…in my heart you’ll always be. 

Chi Beta Love,

Micaela Pina(Outgoing) CEO, Nu Class

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