Adele has more to say than just “Hello”

UntitledIt’s getting to that point in the semester. The bags under my eyes are getting out of hand and I’m surviving on three cups of coffee a day. I call this the mid-semester slump. I am constantly wishing for the weekend, for Christmas break, and even wishing I was just finished with college all together. It wasn’t until I read this personal letter Adele posted on her twitter that I realized how wrong this was. Adele’s reflections on wishing her life away are something everyone can relate to.

“When I was 7, I wanted to 8. When I was 8, I wanted to be 12. When I turned 12 I just wanted to be 18. Then after that I stopped wanting to be older. Now I’m ticking 16-24 boxes just to see if I can blag it! I feel like I’ve spent my whole life so far wishing it away. Always wishing I was older, wishing I was somewhere else, wishing I could remember and wishing I forget too. Wishing I hadn’t ruined so many good things because I was scared or bored. Wishing I wasn’t so mater of fact all the time. Wishing I’d gotten to know my great grandmother more, and wishing I didn’t know myself so well, because it means I always know what’s going to happen in the end. Wishing I hadn’t cut my hair off, wishing I was 5’7”. Wishing I’d waited and wishing I’d hurried up as well.”


This really made me rethink the way I was living my life. College years are supposed to be some of the most exciting years of my life, but I was letting the stress of my busy schedule ruin any fun. If you’re constantly wishing you are somewhere else, you’re not really living. We tend to forget that we are incredibly blessed to go to one of the best public universities in the United States. It’s amazing to be surrounded by so many brilliant people who are doing truly amazing things. We also live in one of the coolest cities there is. I challenge you all to really appreciate where you are for the rest of the semester (it is the month of Thanksgiving after all!) Appreciate the beauty of campus and appreciate time with your friends. Appreciate the little things and appreciate the big things. The life we live at UT and within Chi Beta Delta is amazing, and we have no reason to spend the days wishing it away. Thank you Adele for not only releasing a new single for me to dramatically sing in my shower, but also for sharing some wisdom about enjoying life.

Much love,


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