Thinking about thankfulness

By: Kirsten Snow With Thanksgiving approaching, most college students are excited about spending the long weekend with their family. Ever since my family has moved back from Belgium in 2005, my grandmother (GranGran) would drive down to spend the holiday with us. However, our Thanksgiving is going to be a little different this year. GranGranContinue reading “Thinking about thankfulness”

Adele has more to say than just “Hello”

It’s getting to that point in the semester. The bags under my eyes are getting out of hand and I’m surviving on three cups of coffee a day. I call this the mid-semester slump. I am constantly wishing for the weekend, for Christmas break, and even wishing I was just finished with college all together.Continue reading “Adele has more to say than just “Hello””

An Open Letter To Myself, To My Sisters, To Anyone About Love

I’ve always been a hopeless romantic, and I usually wear my heart on my sleeve. My sisters, friends, and I joke around about our experiences on Tinder and whatnot occasionally haha but I do still believe that real, genuine love is out there. Over these past couple of years however, I’ve learned that I don’tContinue reading “An Open Letter To Myself, To My Sisters, To Anyone About Love”